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Douglas Acres is intended to be a Catholic, residential, life-long facility for severely autistic and developmentally disabled adults. Being Catholic means that we believe human life is sacred, and worthy of full respect and care no matter how weak or disabled the person. A secondary function will be to initiate research into invaliding autism. A unique feature will be the establishment of an "intentional community," that is, a community of families with autistic members, who will live on or near the grounds of the facility. The intention is to keep the family directly involved with the handicapped individual's life, while offering professional support where needed. That direct involvement will help serve as a check on the many abuses that handicapped people are subject to in more impersonal placements. The model also means that we are focusing our efforts on a small number of families who commit to each other, becoming, in effect, extended family. This is so important in cases where there is no extended family, or where extended family has abandoned handicapped members.

We intend to help members find employment in the area, setting up ancillary businesses to support both the families and Douglas Acres, with stores, auto shops, restaurants, and services.

The first Douglas Acres campus will have the following characteristics:

Campus sizes we've looked at range from 100 to 640 acres. We have investigated locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Nebraska, and South Dakota. We are continuing our search.

For more information, see our Case Statement brochure.

Douglas Acres
Business Mailing Address:
 PO Box 4
 Summit Hill, PA 18250-0004
Google Voice number:
 (708) 6-AUTISM or (708) 628-8476

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